​Power Workout Therapy™​ is a fun and informal style ​​​​​​​of training inspired by Physical Yoga Exercises and other forms of Fitness so that you may be healthy and balanced. This is the real physical aspect of Yoga Exercises without the distractions and fantasies associated with Yoga!

After a long time studying and teaching Yoga, Gary and Mariana realized that yoga they studied and taught wasn't giving them the results and satisfaction they needed nor were promised. Yoga in general tends to be focused quite obsessively with spirituality and esoteric mysticism that is totally misleading and unnecessary for the true health and balance of the body. So by practicing Power Workout Therapy™​ you will not get converted from your beliefs, religion and traditions, and most definitely we will never chant! The only mantra you will hear from us is "Perfect practice makes perfect!"

With our background in Naturopathy, Massage Therapy, other forms of Physical Fitness and Martial Arts we repetitively see that health comes by addressing the disturbances and weaknesses of the physical body first to be healthy, balanced and happy. By strengthening the body first and working on getting the health the body needs, more positive results can be achieved. Emotional and mental benefits will follow naturally!

Instinctively Gary and Mariana started teaching and practicing their own style that provided the peace and balance that was lacking from all of the other styles and systems they had practiced earlier. More importantly, they attracted the students and clients that were looking for exactly the same physical practice and philosophy that we offer! We are so happy that we can help our students and clients be healthier, stronger, more flexible and happier! Whether you are young, old, healthy, experiencing health concerns or dealing with injuries we have a solution and program for you. Come and try this practice that is a natural, back to basics health model as well as the way of the future to better health and happiness.  


​​​​​​​​​​The Way Of The Arts™​

​​​​​​​power workout therapy™​